Music Moves Us

Sometimes it’s the lyrics; sometimes it’s the music, but always, it’s the emotion conveyed in a song. Music enhances our lives.

Where can we go with music? A well-written song is a story. It’s a mini-journey that transports us to a different place, or a different time in our own place.

Where would we be without it?

Music comes to Angelique organically when she writes. Playlists grow in her mind to support the story and express its characters or scenery. Even non-verbal tension can have its own soundtrack. Sometimes it’s hard to choose between more than one song fitting for the scene. A scene can even be cut in half and two songs are required to represent two different characters points-of-view of the situation.

You will find playlists for each of Angelique’s books linked here to Spotify. Please enjoy.

Jordan and Stormy
Viv and Marni
Finn and Lee-Lee
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